Bucklers & Conquests

The significance of our culture & history is based upon totalitarianism. The market and its commercial mechanism lead to an unquestioned actuality and how things are and were distributed..
Regarding the makeup, the final result in "Bucklers & Conquests" is not necessarily to get a composition, it is the experience in exploring color, form and objects. It is more a trial outcome. But similar to other conceptual approaches-repeatedly applying the conscious alterations directly to criterions of aesthetical treatment-utilizing found footage for creating new images-it has a logical reason in these times.
By re-organizing perceptual agreements of the visual and social reality we live in we can adopt and embellish the surroundings of daily life. We are not defenselessly at the mercy of the environment that we live in. One can also say the appropriation of anothers creations were always a strategy of coming forth. But playing, so to say, with the meaning of arrangements is a libbing act. In the course of the trespass new forms, ideas, etc. are beginning to jell.

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